What Does a Bookkeeper Do?


In order to get a better idea of what a bookkeeper does, let’s start by dispelling one myth. They don’t actually keep books, that would be the job of a librarian. Instead, they keep financial records. Sure, all of these records were stored in some massive book-shaped ledger once upon a time. However, most of […]

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‘SuperApps’ and the future of communication

Businesses | Cloud | Developers | Document Management System (DMS) | Mobile | Productivity

Business technology is constantly evolving and the need to stay up-to-date is at an all-time high, adding additional pressure to the modern practice.  There’s a growing trend for ‘superapps’ (applications that with a range of sophisticated integrations to other technologies), which can lessen this pressure.  We will discuss how practice portals and e-signatures play a […]

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Streamlining your accounting practice to benefits you, employees and clients

Accountant | Accounting Firm | Document Management System (DMS) | Document Portal | Productivity | Small Business

With technology trends and compliance being hot topics many accountancy practices know that they need to make in-house changes and adopt new technology, but what are the real benefits and the business case for doing so? 1) Good technology drives recruitment & staff retention. Do you find it hard to recruit good staff? Given the […]

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The “Magic” of Cloud Storage


What little kid hasn’t wished that they could do magic? Admit it, you have probably tried to put a rabbit, or at least a plush rabbit, into a hat to see if you could make it disappear, only to reappear again later. The concept of making things disappear and reappear has always been an alluring […]

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