Five tips to boost your marketing

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As a small business, you are no doubt on top of your game. But are you equally as great at communicating this fact? How much business are you missing out on due to a lack of effort or time in marketing yourself properly?

Regardless of whether your small business still has that new business smell, or has been a lifelong passion, marketing can and will be one of the more important aspects to continued success. Marketing will facilitate customer growth, increase awareness and fortify your brand.

Here are five easy ways to market your business:

1) Get on Google My Business

When it comes to being found online, Google is clearly the place to be. You need to be found with absolute ease, you need to be searchable. This doesnt happen automatically of course, you need to place yourself there. Firstly, make sure that you create a free listing on Google My Business. The listing includes your name, address, phone number, business hours, photos and directions. When someone searches for your business, your listing will appear at the top of the search.

2) Run a competition

A good old-timey competition to attract new customers is still a viable option, it’s also a stand out way to quickly develop a database of email addresses for campaigns. The prize should ideally be products or services from your business to showcase your offering. The competition can be promoted in-store, on your website, in a blog, and on social media, with the winner being featured in subsequent coverage.

3) Get Social

You don’t need to be on every social media platform. Linkedin is prime for many professional verticals, for food or fashion brands, instagram and pinterest can be your go-to’s. Spread yourself, but not too thin and concentrate on the best suited channels, and the one’s that get you the most interest, clicks, interactions and likes.

Invest time in asking and answering genuine and interesting questions and starting useful conversations. The key to mastering social media is being social. Sharing both curated and original quality content will help market your product to customers and, more importantly, engage with them.

4) Partner up

Get organised, use those ‘networking events’ you have been attending to good effect for a change. Reach out to align yourself with other small businesses that you know and hopefully respect to market yourself and grow your network. For example, if you run a fine dining restaurant that regularly holds weddings, connect with complementary businesses such as a local florist, patisserie, or winery to create a referral network.

5) Advertise

Advertising may feel a little old-hat but by gum, it still works. Consider an ad in a local newspaper, a Google Adwords campaign, targeted display advertising on your preferred social media platform, or listing your business in a local or online directory. It’s important to consider your specific target audience and think about how (and if) the ad will reach them; and always measure results to determine if the ROI is worth the spend.

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