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4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Accounting and Storage

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The “cloud” isn’t some magical place where data lives. However, since its inception, users have gravitated toward its many advantages. The 2017 estimate of global cloud users is 1.8 billion. When considering cloud accounting software, first you should understand what it is. Then determine the advantages and disadvantages. Here’s everything you need to know about […]

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‘SuperApps’ and the future of communication

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Business technology is constantly evolving and the need to stay up-to-date is at an all-time high, adding additional pressure to the modern practice.  There’s a growing trend for ‘superapps’ (applications that with a range of sophisticated integrations to other technologies), which can lessen this pressure.  We will discuss how practice portals and e-signatures play a […]

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The “Magic” of Cloud Storage


What little kid hasn’t wished that they could do magic? Admit it, you have probably tried to put a rabbit, or at least a plush rabbit, into a hat to see if you could make it disappear, only to reappear again later. The concept of making things disappear and reappear has always been an alluring […]

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Making Tax Digital – Part 2

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Following HMRCs initial announcement on MTD and after months of speculation and discussion, HMRC has published the outcome of its Making Tax Digital (MTD) consultation and draft legislation ready for the Finance Bill 2017. The purpose of this initiative from the HMRC is to help businesses get their tax right first time and ‘Making Tax […]

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Making UK Tax Digital – Part 1

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In the March 2015 Budget the government announced its vision for modernising the tax system and set out how this bold change for modernising the UK Tax system would be live by 2018. Following feedback that the pace of change could be too great, this ambitious date has now been changed to 2020 for some […]

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You’ve got mail

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  According to recent figures published by Royal Mail, since the Brexit referendum there has been a significant reduction in what we consider ‘junk’ mail.  Royal Mail has reported an 8% slump in advertising mail resulting in a 15% drop in profits.  So it appears that sending junk mail to the UK public is highly […]

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